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Need help getting started on your new bathroom or kitchen? Let one of our friendly experts guide you through from start to finish. We can take you through all the different styles and products to suit you and your home. Once have gathered your requirements our designer will then start to plan your dream bathroom or kitchen. Using our 3D design planner, we can help you start to envision your new room.


Why do you ask about our boiler when we just want our bathroom doing?

We ask because the heart of a bathroom is the hot water system. Without this functioning correctly your new bathroom won’t work properly. We also need to know whether you have a system boiler with hot water cylinder or a combi boiler. A hot water cylinder is a low-pressure system, and a combi is high pressure.

What difference does high or low pressure make to my design?

Nowadays, most houses now have a high-pressure system. if you are wanting a powerful shower or a shower with a large rain head then you need a good high pressure hot water supply. You can boost your pressure with a shower pump, but this is an added cost and can be complicated. Low pressure taps are available too, but they are more expensive to buy as they are uncommon now.

What is the difference between tiles and wet wall panels?

Nothing at all – it is all down to personal preference. At the end of the day tiles can be cheaper but the labour for application is expensive, whereby wetwall panels are more expensive but quicker and therefore cheaper to apply. The obvious advantage of wetwall panels though is there’s no grout to maintain.

Is luxury vinyl flooring just another take on Lino?

Absolutely not! These days luxury vinyl flooring or LVT is stunning, hardwearing and comes with good guarantees. Brands such as Karndean and Cavalio come in stunning finished that look like wood, stone or tiles and are nice and warm underfoot compared to tiles. They are also compatible with underfloor heating.

Isn’t underfloor heating a high price luxury item?

Well it used to be but now, as with a lot of electrical goods the price has come down and it is much more affordable. If you have a cold room that you struggle to heat, then it a good addition to your room heating. Running costs are much lower than you think and can be further reduced with good controls such as a timer and room stat.

Is a wetroom the best way to go for an elderly customer?

Not necessarily. For a start off, a full wetroom bathroom is quite costly to supply and install due to the extra labour and specific materials required to build it. We have installed these for customers who need full wheelchair access and assistance with bathing, but in most cases, we have provided a good and cheaper alternative, namely a walk-in shower with anti-slip low profile tray. If you already have a bath, then there is room for this arrangement. We simply remove the bath and use the footprint to fit the tray. Shower glass is installed on two sides leaving an entrance. Inside we will fit a shower seat and grab rails along with a shower at an appropriate height.

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